Food Ingredients Europe - you are invited

At Lyckeby, we are gearing up for the important meeting point, Food Ingredients Europe, in Frankfurt on November 28-30, 2017. We look forward to seeing our partners, customers and hopefully many potential customers in Frankfurt, says Evelyn Ludwig Marklin, Business Support Officer at Lyckeby.

This year, celebrating 90 years in the food industry, Lyckeby will highlight our recent work with Clean Label starches and the addition of a complete range of specialty starches for processed cheese. We have introduced two very stable starches from Waxy barley in our clean Lyckeby Careful range. They are well suited for tough UHT-process. At the exhibition, we aim to show you a chocolate cream made with two different starches. Guess which one is made with clean label starch and you can have a chance to win an iPad, announces Evelyn.

The new Lyckeby CheeseApp portfolio is another introduction by us where we hope to support customers achieving desired texture, controlling melt and stretch, contribute to full body taste and saving costs. Potato based starch offers great properties for processed cheese and with CheeseApp, we have managed to collect our know-how into one range of products, concludes Evelyn. 

We hope to see you at Food Ingredients Europe end of November. You are most welcome to booth 08.0C81!

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