Mayonnaise and dressing

Our Trecomex starch range offers emulsifying starches that can cost‐efficiently replace emulsifying agents such as egg yolk powder or dry milk powder.

​​​The Lyckeby Trecomex emulsifying starches offer low dosage and reduced formulation costs. The Trecomex starches are specifically designed with both hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties, which are necessary for emulsion stability.

On condition that the homogenisation has been sufficient, the TRECOMEX starches provide superior emulsion stability. There is no need for other emulsion stabilizers.

Low dosage – lowered cost in use

The dosage of TRECOMEX starches recommended is very low (0.3 –1.9 %). Still you will receive a product with excellent storage properties and prolonged shelf‐life.

Microbiological advantages

The Lyckeby emulsifying Trecomex starches allow replacing totally or partly such emulsifying agents as egg yolk powder or dry milk powder, which can cause microbiological concern.

Excellent egg‐free products with the desired texture, ac be created by c​ombining Trecomex with Lyckeby thickening starches.