Lyckeby Potato Protein

Food producers use Lyckeby Potato Protein to can add extra consumer value to bread and meat products.

Lyckeby Potato Protein is a nutritious, vegetable, non allergen protein.  This protein is a valuable ingredient for protein enrichment  of baked products or protein replacement in various meat based products.

High protein value
In terms of protein quality, Lyckeby Potato Protein is one of the best available vegetable protein sources to use. This ingredient has a well-balanced composition of the essential amino acids.  The nutritional value of Lyckeby Potato Protein, measured with DIAAS, is comparable to soybeans or milk powder.

Our products always come with application knowledge
To our customers, we always offer application support, technical knowledge and expertise by our specialists, when refinining existing recipes or developing new products with Lyckeby ingredients.

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