Make long-lasting juiciness a reality

Who would not want that juicy bite of a blueberry cupcake to be long lasting? Imagine the retained moisture which increases the perception of freshness and juiciness. Add a stable consistency during shelf life, and you gain the advantages of “topping up” your recipe with Lyckeby Careful 250 C.

By binding moisture into the cake, the cake is perceived as fresh and juicy. The benefit with the waxy barley starch is the low rate of retro gradation which delays staling. Lyckeby Careful 250 C is a pregelatinized starch made from amylose-free barley with our clean label technology. 

The Lyckeby application team got support from our customer Bisca in Denmark to test Lyckeby Careful 250 C in soft cakes. It became a learning project for us at Lyckeby. The best part with the project was to verify our own conclusions about Lyckeby Careful 250 C, says Eva Edlund Tjernberg, Application Developer at Lyckeby. The soft cakes we baked at Bisca were tested after 1, 2, 3 and 4 months and it was clear that there was a correlation between dosage and juiciness as the juiciness of the cakes increased with the increasing dosage of Lyckeby Careful 250 C.  The closer the cake came to the set best-before date, the greater was the difference in juiciness. 

We did a trial together with the competent developing team of Bisca, using several different dosages of Lyckeby Careful 250 C to evaluate the potentials, limitations, textural changes and the enhanced juiciness over the shelf life. The recommended dosage to test is 0.4 - 1.2 % of the dry weight, we liked the dosage of 0.8% best. The density of the cake batter may increase slightly at high dosages. Baking at lower inclusion rate gives the cake a fluffier appearance. The water loss during baking is not affected. We recommend you mix the starch with the dry ingredients when preparing the batter and it gives immediate viscosity when hydrated, adds Eva Edlund Tjernberg. 

Other ingredients that can be used for the purpose of a soft cake over a long shelf life are enzymes and emulsifiers. We are really pleased to be able to offer a clean label solution to achieve a long juiciness of baked products. Thanks to the development at Bisca for supporting our tests with Lyckeby Careful 250 C in soft cakes. 

If you want to test Lyckeby Careful 250 C in your baked product, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll send you a sample of the product. Mail to order sample! 

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