Two tough new products in the Lyckeby Careful range

Lyckeby Careful 270 and 290 are two new products developed for UHT-processes, and are a part of the clean label range Careful from Lyckeby. We asked Eva Edlund Tjernberg, a Product developer in application team at Lyckeby to explain more.

Lyckeby Careful 270 and 290 are our new highly process stable starches made from barley. Except for their high process tolerance, Careful 270 and 290 also have a favorable amylopectin structure which in combination with a low percentage of amylose, less than 1 %, result in very good storage stability, Eva says.

Lyckeby Careful 270 and 290 are the most stable of all the starches on the market right now. In comparison to other starches, 270 and 290 does not have to be modified to endure great storage stability due to the natural structure of the amylopectin and absence of amylose.

The products can handle different storage conditions as room temperature, cold storage, freezing, and has a great freeze-thaw stability. Based on our own tests, Lyckeby Careful 270 and 290 are superior in storage stability compared to other clean label starches for UHT process, Eva says. 

Before launching these new products Lyckeby made tests with different UHT-systems and both of the starches perform satisfactory in the UHT process.

Lyckeby Careful 270 endures both scraped surface heat exchanger, tubular heat exchanger and plate heat exchanger at 135 – 145°C for 5 - 30 s. You can also complement with homogenization of the product and it is capable of up-stream homogenization, Eva says.

Lyckeby Careful 290 is even more process stable than 270 and endures both tubular heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger and direct steam injection. It is also capable of up-stream homogenization.

Other features of the Careful products from barley is that they have a clean taste as well as being color-less. This minimized the interference with natural taste from food ingredients in the product, Eva says.

Lyckeby Careful 270 and 290 can be used in for example, sauces, soup and fruit preparations to provide viscosity and mouthfeel. Which of the products that is the most suitable for the application depends on what temperature, holding time, shear and the recipe the product is going to be used for.

Learn more about the Lyckeby clean label range here. 

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