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LYCKEBY CAREFUL are starches with functional properties and a clean label declaration. The starch gives viscosity and texture and can replace modified starch in the majority of food applications and demanding industrial processes.

Lyckeby’s clean label technology is developed not only to attract consumers through ingredient lists without E-numbers, but also to reduce the products’ carbon footprint. The clean label starch is produced with even greater care, with less chemicals and energy required.

Flavor, appearance, and function

Neutral flavor – has no effect on the flavor of the end product.
Appearance – glossy, smooth, and white.
Good stability – storage stable under various conditions.
Process tolerant – products adapted to different temperatures, shear force and pH.
Clean label – a simple declaration as starch, potato starch, or maize starch.


The LYCKEBY CAREFUL 300 series of functional waxy maize starches have been designed to give high viscosity, a creamy mouthfeel, and stability during storage. Choose your starch based on the process and food it will be used in, from low-temperature pasteurization to tough food processes such as ultra-high-temperature.


The LYCKEBY CAREFUL 1000 series are potato based starches.
LYCKEBY CAREFUL 1400 and 1505C are functional starches intended for processed meat products and plant-based alternatives. The high water retention ability provides juiciness and reduced water
release during cooking and storage. Pregelatinized starches provide
viscosity in mixtures and facilitate formability.

LYCKEBY CAREFUL 1700 and 1800 give increased crispness in coatings and batters, with an E number-free declaration. LYCKEBY CAREFUL 1440C is a pregelatinized starch used to provide stable viscosity in batter mixtures during manufacture, together with the right pick-up.

Lyckeby Starch - Food applications

Food applications

Our portfolio of starch and fiber products represents a wide range of products for most food applications and manufacturing processes. Our starch specialists and food technologists have deep knowledge and long experience in this area and prepared to share it with our customers. The products have different properties and effects when used in food applications.

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