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Clean Label Solutions for French Fries and Tempura

Consumers are seeking for clean label foods which are more natural and contains simple and easy to understand ingredients. The increased awareness of what we eat has led to a permanent shift towards more clean label foods.

Clean label french fries with high crisp or tempura chicken with crispy puffed structure is now a reality. Lyckeby offers solutions for clean label coating and batters which are as good as the modified versions. The unique Lyckeby Careful products open up possibilities for the industry to create consumer products with an added value of being clean label.

The Lyckeby Careful CB products based on potato starch provides a thin, smooth and transparent film that brings a high crisp in french fries and wedges. The Careful CB products are neutral in taste and enables a clean simple labelling as potato starch or simply starch.

The typical characteristics of tempura is a puffed structure with a pleasant crispness. A clean label tempura batter for meat, fish and vegetables contains Lyckeby Careful 340 or 350 that provide the desired expansion when deep-fried.

For a complete clean label solution from Lyckeby, cold swelling speciality starches and dextrin are used in combination with the Lyckeby Careful products. The solutions from Lyckeby enable a clean and simple solution with all the desired functionality and properties of crispy fries and tempura.

Lyckeby provide application expertise and knowledge in coating and batters to bring your next project to success.

Please contact Product Manager Karolina Fridolf for more information,

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