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Instant starch is pre-cooked starch that has been dried and ground into flakes or powder. Because the starch is pre-gelatinized, it is easily hydrated with cold liquid and requires no heating to provide viscosity to a range of food products.

For the consumer, products with instant starch enable fast and easy product preparation. For the producer, using instant starch facilitates production, as no heating is necessary. At Lyckeby, we offer you a variety of instant starches, suitable for many different applications and processes.

Lyckeby recently made a significant investment in a new, ultra-modern production plant for producing instant starches. When we designed the new plant, we took into account factors like energy efficiency and the working environment at the production site. The plant’s increased capacity also enables new opportunities to meet customer demand and improve both the quality and performance of our instant product portfolio.

Cold prepared sauces can be thickened with instant thickening starches. These starches are typically mixed with other dry ingredients to avoid the formation of lumps.

The Lyckeby portfolio includes a variety of instant starches to create the texture and viscosity you need in your products – from smooth to pulpy and creamy to short.

Instant desserts are generally made of a mixture of sugar, flavorings, and thickeners such as starch. The powders are mixed with milk or another liquid, and the dessert is ready to eat after a few minutes.

Instant potato starch is an ideal ingredient for use in instant desserts, as it quickly provides high viscosity and doesn’t require heating. We offer instant starches that provide a smooth appearance, creamy mouthfeel, and add body to this type of dessert product.

The neutral taste of our potato starch means the flavors in the dessert are retained, not masked by any flavor from the starch.

Instant starches can sometimes pose problems, as they may form lumps when coming in contact with liquid. To solve this challenge, our portfolio includes instant starches  in different particle sizes for ease of dispersion directly into cold liquid. This reduces the risk of lump formation, increasing both production efficiency and production success.

LYCKEBY CAREFUL is a range of high performing functional starches that are easy to use. The products provide high viscosity and contribute to improved textures in various food applications. Find out more here.

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We offer thorough, fast development support from our product developers to help you choose the right starch from our range and succeed with your products. And for even more specific requirements, we can also create individually customized solutions.

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