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Are you interested in what we can offer you and your company? Would you like to know how our sales process works? Do you have questions about products, prices, or volumes? Or do you have a complaint about a deal you did with us? If so, please contact us in the sales team and we’ll happily help you!

Lyckeby Starch - Mathias Samuelsson

Mathias Samuelsson

Sales and development director

Lyckeby Starch - Jeanette Danielsson

Jeanette Danielsson

Sales Manager Nordic

Lyckeby Starch - Evelyn Ludwig Marklin

Evelyn Ludwig Marklin

Our admin expert

Lyckeby Starch - Erika Larsson

Erika Larsson

Food products, markets: Europe, Nordic region

Lyckeby Starch - Aksana Persson

Aksana Persson

Food products, markets: Russia, Ukraine

Lyckeby Starch - Oscar Silverbern

Oscar Silverbern

Food products, markets: Asia, Middle East, North America

Lyckeby Starch - Karolina Fridolf

Karolina Fridolf

Food products, clean label products

Lyckeby Starch - Patrik Johnsson

Patrik Johnsson

Technical products

Lyckeby Starch - Mia Henrysson

Mia Henrysson

Communication, marketing

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