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Clean label starch, modified starch and potato fiber

We offer a broad range of cost-efficient starches: modified starch, clean label (E-number free) starch, potato fiber and native potato starch. Our products are developed and manufactured in Sweden mainly from potato raw material grown by our owners.

Starch for the food industry

The use of functional starches offers several important benefits to the food industry: improving texture and viscosity or replacing ingredients such as fat, egg and milk to reduce costs or allergens. We offer a wide portfolio of modified and clean label starches for a broad range of food applications.

Starch for the paper industry

We develop, manufacture and offer technical starch products especially designed for the paper industry. Our starches for paper application are marketed and sold with the business brand name Solam, read more about our technical starches at www.solam.com.

Full technical support is always included

Our starch products never come alone. We offer full technical support, problem solving and process optimization in collaboration with application specialists in our development team. For further information – please contact us.

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