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Lyckeby’s business focus is the food and paper industries. We produce native, modified and clean label starches, together with potato fiber with high functionality, ideal for a wide variety of applications and processes.

We enjoy working closely with our customers and business partners. Building strong, long-term relationships is important to us. As well as our products, we also offer you our extensive expertise in products and applications, together with our knowledge of logistics, quality, and sustainability. So we always make sure you have personal contacts with different parts of our company. That way we can give you the fast, quality service you expect. Our customer focus is our strongest motivation.

We feel that personal interactions are very important, and customers are always welcome to visit us and discover our operations. We’re happy to visit you, wherever you are in the world, but we also view digital meetings as an important tool for offering great service to our customers.

In the industry, we’re well known for being fast, competent, simple, and fun to work with. We believe the opportunities of the future are created in the interface with our customers and our business partners.

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