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An innovative group with historical roots

Sveriges Stärkelseproducenter is an economic association that was founded in 1927, to coordinate sales and develop production of potato starch. The association’s owners are farmers in southern Sweden, and they also supply our most important raw material – the starch potato. This robust ownership structure has allowed us to build a sustainable company with strong roots in Swedish farming.

A local raw material

Because Lyckeby’s owners also supply the potatoes for our potato starch, we have good control of the entire chain, from tuber to starch. Cultivation all takes place on a local level, which means we’re nearby to help out with analysis and advice, and to make sure the potatoes are grown in a sustainable way. The map shows our Swedish units and cultivation areas.

Lyckeby Starch - Swedish units and cultivation areas

Information and assistance

We offer comprehensive information, assistance and advice to the people growing our starch potatoes. As a member of the association, you can have a big impact on what we do, because we adhere to the one member, one vote principle. You can read more about this on our agriculture pages.

Interested in growing starch potatoes?

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