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Lyckeby Starch - Nöbbelöv

A traditional business

Sveriges Stärkelseproducenter has roots going back almost 100 years. Our economic association was formed right back in 1927, to coordinate sales and develop production of potato starch. The association’s owners are farmers in southern Sweden, and they also supply our most important raw material – the starch potato. This robust ownership structure has allowed us to build a sustainable company with strong roots in Swedish farming.

From locally grown potatoes, we produce a range of products that add value for our customers and are exported all over the world. We’re enormously proud of the advances we’ve made since 1927. And we want to continue advancing, so the next generation of Swedish farmers can continue growing potatoes for starch.

Our business concept

Our business concept is founded on buying in potatoes from owners and potato growers, processing and utilizing the raw material in the best possible way and selling the resulting products to customers in selected markets. Some of the extracted starch is combined with flavorings and/or other functional ingredients before being sold.

We have two business areas: Starch and Flavor, with the starch operations running under the Lyckeby name while flavor is managed through the companies Lyckeby Culinar AB and Kockens AB.

Lyckeby’s market segment for food is represented internationally by our sales department in Sweden, together with our subsidiaries in Sweden, Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Russia and China. And our world-wide network of distributors help us reach other markets.

Our companies

Lyckeby Culinar AB
Box 45
290 34 Fjälkinge
Phone: +46 (0)44 – 585 00

Kockens AB
Box 45
SE 290 45 Fjälkinge, Sverige
Phone: +46 (0)44 – 28 65 50

Culinar Danmark ApS
Cedervej 2
DK 8462 Harlev

Phone: +45 38 41 23 00

Culinar Polska Sp.z.o.o.
Ul. Jutrzenki 102/104
02-230 Warszawa Poland

Phone: +48 22 738 72 30

Lyckeby Culinar a.s.
Strakonická 946
Česká republika

Společnost LYCKEBY CULINAR a.s., IČ 26361906 je zapsána v obchodním rejstříku vedeném Krajským soudem v Plzni, oddíl B, vložka 1074

Czech Republic
Phone: +420 376 532 244

Lyckeby Culinar AB Rep. Office China
Unit B, 11th Floor, 9 Joy Tower No. 9 Zhenning Road
Shanghai 200050 China

Phone: +86 21 5255 0260

Lyckeby Culinar s.r.o.
J.I. Bajzu 14
971 01 Prievidza

Phone: 004210465420185



At Lyckeby we develop and produce starch products designed especially for the paper industry. We market these products under the Solam brand. So please visit our Solam website for more information about our technical starches!

Lyckeby Culinar


Culinar offers customer-specific mixtures of high-quality spices and herbs to Swedish food manufacturers, together with functional starches, and fiber from Lyckeby. Contact Culinar for the perfect solution to your flavor and texture needs.


Kockens AB offers a range that is aimed at grocery stores and commercial kitchens. The portfolio includes dried spices, potato flour and gluten-free flour & baking mixes under the brands Kockens and Lailas.

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