The management team

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Our management team consists of decision makers with long experience and high levels of expertise in the different parts of our company. Our task is to lead and develop Lyckeby’s operations, and to meet the expectations set by the Board of Sveriges Stärkelseproducenter. Want to know more about our operations? Please feel free to contact us!

Lyckeby Starch - Hans Berggren

Hans Berggren


Lyckeby Starch - Kristina Linde

Kristina Linde

Production Manager and Vice President

Lyckeby Starch - Stina Nilsson

Stina Nilsson

Manager, Agriculture Department

+46 (0)44 - 28 61 52

Lyckeby Starch - Mathias Samuelsson

Mathias Samuelsson

Sales and development director

Lyckeby Starch - Jeanette Danielsson

Jeanette Danielsson

Sales Manager Nordic

Lyckeby Starch - Eva Lundholm

Eva Lundholm

Quality & Sustainability Manager

Lyckeby Starch - André Nordgren

André Nordgren


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