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Are you interested in agriculture and starch potato cultivation? Would you like to buy one of our agricultural products, or find out more about our experimental crops? If so, the Agriculture Department can help you with your questions, regardless of whether you’re already one of our growers, want to become one, or are interested in our work for some other reason.

Lyckeby Starch - Stefan Hansson

Stefan Hansson

Cultivation Development

+46 (0)44 - 28 61 49

Lyckeby Starch - Kristoffer Gustafsson

Kristoffer Gustafsson

Cultivation Development

+46 (0)44 - 28 61 65

Lyckeby Starch - Gabriella Malm

Gabriella Malm

Cultivation Development

+46 (0)44 - 28 61 53

Martin Andersson

Head of agriculture department

Marie Appelqvist

Head of communications and ownership issues

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