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The Board of Sveriges Stärkelseproducenter consists of representatives from our owners, together with union representatives for each of our two business areas: Starch and Flavor. Our primary tasks are ensuring the Group is run in a way that benefits our owners’ best interests, and appointing the Group CEO. We are also ultimately responsible for the Group’s operations.

For questions about the work of Sveriges Stärkelseproducenter’s board, please contact Marie.

Marie Appelqvist

Secretary of the Board

We are the board of Sveriges Stärkelseproducenter:

Lyckeby Starch - Nicklas Göransson

Nicklas Göransson


Lyckeby Starch - Daniel Nilsson

Daniel Nilsson

Vice Chair

Lyckeby Starch - Jonas Fredriksson

Jonas Fredriksson

Board Member

Lyckeby Starch - Per Persson

Per Persson

Board Member

Lyckeby Starch - Per Hansson

Per Hansson

Board Member

Lyckeby Starch - Martin Terning

Martin Terning

Board Member

Lyckeby Starch - Johan Andersson

Johan Andersson

Board Member

Markus Johansson

Board member

Lyckeby Starch - Oscar Silverbern

Oscar Silverbern

Union Board Member, Unionen, Starch business area

Lyckeby Starch - Patric Alriksson

Patric Alriksson

Union Board Member, Unionen, Starch business area


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Starch and Flavor – two different business areas within a single association.

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