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LYCKEBY CAREFUL - enhance your product value

LYCKEBY CAREFUL clean label starches, are the ultimate solution for food manufacturers seeking high functionality starches and consumers craving delicious, clean label products.

LYCKEBY CAREFUL is a range of high performing functional starches that are easy to use. The products provide high viscosity and contribute to improved textures in majority of food applications. Lyckeby Careful withstand demanding food processes such as ultra-high temperature, low pH, and high shear, and ensures consistency and stability from production to consumption.

With a clean label declaration, LYCKEBY CAREFUL bring product values that attract consumer preferences and enhance your brand’s credibility and appeal. With a simple ingredient list featuring familiar and easy to understand ingredients, consumers can trust that they’re choosing products aligned with their values.


Our portfolio of clean label products consists of cook-up and pregelatinized starches designed for different processes and types of food applications.

Soups, Sauces, Dairy, Bakery and Mayonnaise

LYCKEBY CAREFUL 300 range are functional thickening starches based on waxy maize that provides:

  • High viscosity and creamy mouthfeel
  • Process tolerance for different temperature, shear and pH
  • Good storage stability
  • Smooth and shiny appearance
  • White colour suitable for light-coloured products
  • Neutral taste

Meat and Plant-based

LYCKEBY CAREFUL 1000 range are potato-based starches with functional properties in processed meat products and plant-based alternatives where they provide:

  • Excellent water binding
  • Increased yield and juicyness
  • Texture and firmness
  • Formability of batter
  • Maintained product shape when cooking
  • Reduced purge during shelf life

Coating and batters

LYCKEBY CAREFUL solutions based on both potato and waxy maize are suitable for different coating and batters where they provide:

  • Increased crispness and texture
  • Structure, from thin invisible film to expanded layer
  • Smooth or bubbly appearance
  • Batter viscosity
  • Adhesion and cohesion

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Clean label includes values that consumers care about

Clean label has become a familiar term in the food industry, representing products that feature recognizable ingredients and minimal processing, often without the use of additives or E-numbers. While there isn’t a standardized definition for clean label, it largely reflects consumer perceptions and expectations regarding the qualities they seek in their food choices. Clean label encompasses a range of values that consumers prioritize when selecting foods.

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