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Food industry in southern Sweden hard hit by electricity prices

The situation is serious for the food industry in southern Sweden. Runaway electricity prices aren’t merely affecting the profitability of the food industry, and its options for investing in fossil-free production. They also skew the competition between northern and southern Sweden, and threaten Sweden’s food supply. Half of all food produced in Sweden comes from Skåne. Ultimately, it’s the consumer that has to pay. Food is more expensive than ever, and we still haven’t reached peak prices.

At today’s press conference, organized by the Skåne Food Innovation Network, where the region’s politicians were also present, industry opinion was unanimous. The unequal system for electricity prices in Sweden needs to be reviewed. Sweden’s parliamentary politicians must raise this issue, as soon as possible.

Lyckeby’s CEO Hans Holmstedt spoke at the press conference, and was clear about the situation. “Continued unreasonably high electricity prices have direct consequences on already struggling consumers.” During his long career in the food industry, Hans has never previously seen this type of price increase.  “Price increases will be a direct consequence, as we will be forced to transfer the cost increase along the value chain.”

Hans emphasizes the importance of fast action by our politicians, since high electricity prices have a serious impact our business, growers and consumers.

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