LYCKEBY CAREFUL 360C – a clean label solution for low fat mayonnaise and dressings

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Let us introduce LYCKEBY CAREFUL 360C, a new functional starch in our clean label range. The product is designed to replace fat in low-fat mayonnaise and dressings, providing high viscosity and a pleasant body and mouthfeel.

Mayonnaise is a delicate and appealing product due to the high fat content, as the fat is a crucial component bringing both firm texture and smooth and creamy mouthfeel. However, consumers desire more healthy products with lower fat and less calories that has the same versatile usage, taste, and texture. LYCKEBY CAREFUL 360C is declared simply as starch which is recognizable and transparent for the consumer

The functionality of LYCKEBY CAREFUL 360C is designed to fit into mayonnaise and dressings, where a tolerance for high shear processes and low pH environment is important. The starch is suitable to add early in the mayonnaise process where it’s dissolved in the water phase together with other dry ingredients. High viscosity is built up during processing providing a rich and creamy texture.

LYCKEBY CAREFUL 360C clean label starch is a versatile and effective ingredient for creating low-fat mayonnaise and dressings that is both healthy and delicious.

Try out LYCKEBY CAREFUL 360C in a low-fat mayonnaise! Click here to order Lyckeby DIY-kit “Make your own low fat mayonnaise”.

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