Golden Ambassador 2024

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We are proud to share that Lyckeby, Culinar and Kockens received the prestigious award Golden Ambassador 2024 at Guldjubel – an annual event that unites Kristianstad’s business community and showcases and celebrates companies and people who have excelled with their efforts in various ways.


Golden Ambassador 2024
“This year’s Golden Ambassador is given to a person, organization or company who, through their commitment and actions, is a good ambassador for Kristianstad’s municipality and business. The award is intended to highlight a brilliant ambassador who in various ways has contributed to strengthening the municipality’s attractiveness around the world.”



For almost a century, they have strengthened Kristianstad area with their presence. Deeply rooted in our Scanian countryside and tradition, they add spice to the municipality’s business.

They delight chefs and consumers worldwide with culinary experiences. Every single day all Swedes and many people around the world eat something from Kristianstad, thanks to a large part of the farmers who joined forces at the beginning of the 20th century to produce starch potatoes.

Today, Lyckeby is an international Group in the food industry that is at the forefront of the green transition. As an ambassador for quality, sustainability, and the local community, Lyckeby is a given Golden Ambassador for Kristianstad.

“It is a great honor to receive the award as this year’s Golden Ambassador. I am enormously proud and happy about our nomination and that our work is appreciated and recognized – but without committed employees and farmers/owners who make fantastic efforts in our business every day, this would not have been possible. I would therefore like to take the opportunity to express a big thanks to all of them and to Kristianstad municipality for the award.”
Hans Holmstedt, CEO and Group CEO

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