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SWELY GEL KF 60 - an innovation bringing cost reductions and improved meltability in pizza topping

The Lyckeby team is delighted to present our latest starch news, SWELY GEL KF 60. This is an innovation developed by Lyckeby and intended for use in processed cheese, where it gives significantly increased meltability and pleasant mouthfeel. SWELY GEL KF 60 also produces a firm cheese at lower doses, which means the total quantity of starch in a recipe can be reduced, leading to cost savings.  

The functional properties of SWELY GEL KF 60 have been created using a patented, environmentally friendly and resource-efficient technology. The starch also has a clean label declaration which makes it very usable in a declaration perspective.

Lyckeby’s R&D team provide application expertise and knowledge within processed cheese applications to bring your next project to success. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Please contact our Business Innovation Manager, Karolina Fridolf for more information.

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