Lyckeby celebrates the construction of the new storage silo with a groundbreaking ceremony

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Today, we celebrated the start of the construction of Lyckeby’s new storage silo with a groundbreaking ceremony. The first sod was jointly taken by our CEO, Hans Holmstedt and chairman of the board Nicklas Göransson together with Thage i Skåne AB’s CEO, Robin Ferlesjö and owner and chairman of the board, Anders Andersson.


The new storage silo is being built to handle the increased production of potato starch and will be built next to the three other storage silos in Nöbbelöv. The storage volume will be 50.000 tons of starch and the total height of the silo will be 52 meters. The silo will be a landmark with its size.


This is the first silo of this size to be built in green concrete, a climate-improved concrete, which means a significantly lower climate impact and approximately 120.000 kilo of reduced carbon dioxide emissions (equivalent to 80.000 miles with a petrol/diesel powered car), which we are extremely proud of as we want to be a part of a sustainable future.


“This is an important milestone for Lyckeby. With our new storage silo, our logistics will be significantly improved, and transport will be reduced – resulting in increased production efficiency and reduced climate impact.”


– Hans Holmstedt, CEO  – Lyckeby


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