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Lyckeby offers you a complete range of clean label and modified starches as well as dextrins suitable for creating a variety of coating and batter solutions.

Starches and dextrins in coatings and batters primarily provide crispness and texture – and prolong that crispness during warm-keeping. They also increase freeze-thaw stability, reduce moisture loss while improving production yield, reduce oil pick-up and enhance batter viscosity.

The functional ingredients in our clear coat batters help you obtain a high crisp with long lasting texture in French fries and potato wedges. The potato starches provide a smooth, thin and invisible film with a high crisp. The neutral taste and potato origin are advantages for a “potato-on-potato” ingredient declaration. Our Lyckeby Careful starches are unique, giving you the option to create consumer products with the added value that clean label brings.

Lyckeby also offers functional starches for tempura, or for adhesion batters used with or without breading. These starches are suitable for food substrates such as fish, cheese, vegetables and meat. The typical characteristics of tempura are a puffed structure with a pleasant crispness, with the batter creating a thick layer around the food substrate and producing a crispy bite. Our cook-up starches provide crispness when deep fried and the instant starch gives optimal viscosity to the batter, providing the right amount of pick-up on the food substrate.

LYCKEBY CAREFUL is a range of high performing functional starches that are easy to use. The products provide high viscosity and contribute to improved textures in various food applications. Find out more here.

Lyckeby Starch - Clean label starch

When you’re refining existing recipes or developing new products, we want to help!

We offer thorough, fast development support from our product developers to help you choose exactly the right starch from our range and succeed with your products. And for even more specific requirements, we can also create individually customized solutions.

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