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Lyckeby offers a complete portfolio of functional potato starches for processed cheese and plant-based alternatives. Our products provide high quality cheese products and allows you to design desired functionality, texture and meltability. Lyckeby products can also be used to cost optimize your product or produce plant-based alternatives by replacing other ingredients and milk solids such as casein.

Lyckeby gelling starches are very easy to use since they provide low viscosity during production and are tolerant to high temperature, low pH and high mixing speed. To avoid oil separation in processed cheese or to stabilize the emulsion in plant-based alternatives, Lyckeby also offers starches for emulsion stability. Our products ensure you can maintain the same high quality as found in traditional cheese.

Lyckeby gelling starches are designed to provide different types of texture and melting properties and makes it possible for you to create a wide range of different processed cheese and plant-based alternatives. Our wide portfolio covers starches for grated or shredded pizza topping with high meltability, sliceable block cheese or firm and brittle pasta and salad topping. Lyckeby starches in your recipe allows you to optimize firmness, texture and elasticity whether you are developing slice on slice (SOS) or spreadable cheese.

With Lyckeby starches you can customize the melting properties for your cheese product from medium meltability suitable for individually wrapped slices (IWS) to completely melted cheese as desired for pizza topping. By combining the right functional starches and our extensive technical knowledge for ingredients and processes we can help you achieve the desired properties for your cheese product.

Our potato farmers provide us with high quality starch potatoes, grown in southern Sweden. With superior raw material we can produce starches with neutral taste and color which does not mask the flavor or effect the color of your product. In addition, all of our potato starches are allergen free and GMO free.


  • Block cheese
  • Pizza topping
  • Salad topping
  • Pasta topping
  • Cheese sauce/filling/dip
  • Individually wrapped slices/slice on slice (IWS/SOS)
  • Spreadable cheese


In traditional cheese, milk proteins play an important functional role, as they form the curd that makes up the cheese. They provide texture, mouthfeel, and also function as emulsion stabilizers. But when making plant-based cheese, the milk proteins have to be replaced with alternative ingredients that provide the same properties. The Lyckeby development team has worked intensively with both cheese and vegan applications, and as a result we are proud to offer a wide range of exclusively developed starches designed especially for creating plant-based analogues with textures and melting properties similar to those of many popular traditional cheeses. Our solutions provide a diversity of textures, from soft and elastic to hard and brittle, while simultaneously stabilizing the emulsion. Using Lyckeby starches enables you to replace the milk proteins partly or completely, depending on your objective. The potato starches in our portfolio also have the benefit of being highly flavor-neutral. In other words, they don’t add any unwanted tastes to the application.

We offer clean label starches with a range of different properties and functionalities for various food applications. To find out more about our clean label alternatives, please feel free to contact us.

Lyckeby Starch - Clean label starch

When you’re refining existing recipes or developing new products, we want to help!

We offer thorough, fast development support from our product developers to help you choose the right starch from our range and succeed with your products. And for even more specific requirements, we can also create individually customized solutions.

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