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Starch and fiber is a successful combination in meat applications. The functional potato fiber gives a high water-holding capacity and the ability to stabilize fat, which reduces stickiness and provides a juicy end product. Potato starch is an excellent water binder.

The process temperature of meat often matches the gelatinization temperature of potato starch. This means the potato starch reaches its maximum swelling point at the same time that water is released by the meat proteins during cooking – allowing the starch to absorb that water loss. This makes potato starch more suitable for keeping a product moist than other starches with higher gelatinization temperatures.

At Lyckeby, we produce starch and fiber products suitable for controlling cooking yields, retaining moisture and fat within the product and improving water control in packaged products. Our portfolio also includes products that improve shape and texture, through production to finished product, ensuring maximum efficiency in the manufacturing process. Our starch and fiber solutions for supporting water retention and adsorption in meat products are suitable for applications such as meat mixtures, emulsion sausages, seafood and chicken products, as well as tumbled and injected products.

The addition of Lyckeby potato fiber creates a meat mixture that’s easier to form and handle during production. The reduced stickiness in the meat mixture increases production efficiency by lowering production losses and cleaning times.

With plant-based meat alternatives increasing in popularity, vegan meat analogues are in great demand. With a focus on texture, consistency and storage stability, Lyckeby offers products suitable for meat analogues based on plant proteins, vegetables and grains.

Lyckeby Careful clean label starches for meat applications are based on potato, which provides benefits due to its excellent water-holding capacity, low gelatinization temperature and its ability to create firmness and bite.

Our Lyckeby Careful starches can be combined with potato fiber to obtain a complete clean label solution with an E number-free ingredient declaration.

Lyckeby Starch - Clean label starch

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