Mayonnaise and dressings

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Mayonnaise and dressings are emulsion sauces popular all over the world. Different countries and cultures have slightly different recipes, but in commercial applications mayonnaise is traditionally made by mixing oil, water and eggs.

Egg is used to stabilize the oil-in-water emulsion. Using eggs may lead to microbial problems due to the risk of salmonella, as well as contributing to a higher level of cholesterol and adding an allergen to the final product. Starch is an excellent replacement for eggs in this type of emulsion, as it has none of the problems associated with eggs. The eggs may be replaced partly or fully using Lyckeby emulsion-stabilizing starch. In addition, the very low dosages of 0.3-1.0% required to create a stable emulsion make this a very cost efficient alternative to eggs.

Starch is by nature hydrophilic, so it dissolves in water. By adding a lipophilic group to the starch molecule, the starch prevents oil droplets from coalescing. Our emulsion-stabilizing starches are neutral in taste and color, enable a stable emulsion in both cold and hot processes and are tolerant to tough processes including high-shear and low pH.

Lyckeby offers a variety of emulsion-stabilizing starches depending on the desired consistency and fat content – so whether you require a thick and spoonable mayonnaise or a creamy, thin dressing, we can help!

Lyckeby also produces thickening starches for low-fat emulsion sauces. Reducing the amount of oil in this type of product has a negative effect on the consistency of the sauce. Our thickening starches are the perfect choice for achieving a creamy, spoonable or thick sauce without using the same amount of oil as the corresponding full-fat product. Our solutions are designed to provide optimal viscosity and mouthfeel in different processes, and are tolerant to high-shear and low pH. In contrast to starches from other origins, they are also neutral in both taste and color and thus have no negative effect on the sensory attributes of the final product.

Our emulsion-stabilizing starches are compatible with Lyckeby thickening starches. So you can create a low-fat, egg-free mayonnaise with stability and texture corresponding to a traditional full-fat mayonnaise.

When you’re refining existing recipes or developing new products, we want to help!

We offer thorough, fast development support from our starch specialists to help you choose exactly the right starch from our range and succeed with your products. And for even more specific requirements, we can also create individually customized solutions.

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