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At Lyckeby, we offer you functional starches and fibers for bread, sponge cake, pastries, or pies, as well as freeze-stable and bake-stable fillings. Whether you’re looking to improve storage stability, increase moisture retention, or achieve specific dough properties, viscosity, texture, or mouthfeel… our experienced and knowledgeable starch specialists can help!

For bakestable custards and fruit fillings

Starch is widely used in bakestable fillings such as custards and fruit fillings, to stabilize the filling and prevent it from leaking from the pastry during baking. Our starches improve storage stability for both chilled and frozen products.

Instant custards, such as those used in Danish pastries, require a short texture, creamy mouthfeel, and stability during baking. Lyckeby starches help you achieve these properties in a high-quality bakery custard.

Starches of potato origin are particularly suitable for fruit fillings and custards, as they provide a neutral taste that doesn’t mask the fruit flavor like starches from other origins might do. They are also colorless and transparent, and don’t mask the color of the fruit.

Staling happens over time in bakery products such as bread and sponge cake, resulting in a dry and crumbly product. Lyckeby offers solutions that enable better binding of the water into the product, delaying the staling process. By retaining moisture during baking and storage, softness and moistness are also improved, and the product keeps fresh for longer.

For bread, Lyckeby’s solutions offer improved dough properties, reducing adherence to the equipment, and enabling a more efficient manufacturing process with easier handling and cleaning. For cake, adding starch offers higher viscosity, making the batter thicker. This helps to regulate process flow during production.

Gluten-free products often lack the softness and moistness of their wheat-based counterparts. But with Lyckeby starches, your gluten-free product can retain these properties when stored at room temperature or in the freezer, and present a similar mouthfeel to traditional bakery products. For example, if you use our starches in a sponge cake, thickeners such as xanthan can be decreased or completely replaced while maintaining the same volume.

Choose LYCKEBY CAREFUL functional clean label starches for E number-free solutions in your bakery applications. Find out more here.

Lyckeby Starch - Clean label starch

When you’re refining existing recipes or developing new products, we want to help!

We offer thorough, fast development support from our product developers to help you choose exactly the right starch from our range and succeed with your products. And for even more specific requirements, we can also create individually customized solutions.


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